New Green Peel distributor appointed

Dr. med. Christine Schrammek manufacturer of the original Green Peel Herbal Peeling Treatment has appointed Dr med/AKISS Products as their new agents in Australia.

Nicole Kratzmann, Director of the AKISS College and AKISS Products, has had many years of experience with the Dr. med. Christine Schrammek product range as both a user and trainer. Kratzmann said that the Dr med Christine Schrammek product range has stood the test of time.

“Now partnered with Dr med/AKISS Products, we will see that with the high level of training and expertise provided from the college to support this range, it will continue to prove itself time and again well into the future. [We are] very happy to be representing a company with so much history, experience and credibility,” Kratzmann said.

The Green Peel Herbal Peeling treatment is an intensive herbal peeling method containing natural plant ingredients and has over 50 years of successful application and experience globally.

More information about the Dr. med. Christine Schrammek product range can be found at

Product is now available from Dr med/AKISS Products, and training courses have been organised for Brisbane on April 18, Melbourne on May 2 and Sydney on May 3. To attend one of these courses, contact AKISS on (07) 3368 2065. To obtain product, contact 1300 858 711.

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