Lydia Jordane, CEO and founder of Lycon Cosmetics was recently in Moscow to launch the Lycon waxing school with her Russian agents.

Lydia and her Russian team: Maxim Goldenberg, Masha Ginsburg, Lydia Jordane, Georgy Paniashvili, Isaac Moreno

Lycon is not just a wax, it is a waxing system, renowned for its quality and practically painless waxing that removes hair as short as 1mm.  Lydia Jordane, CEO and founder of Lycon Cosmetics has travelled the world for many years to teach her individual waxing techniques and the Lycon waxing system. Lydia and her staff continue to do so around the globe on a regular basis.

The Lycon Waxing System allows salons to build a sustainable waxing business for the future. Therapists report rapid client growth through client satisfaction, followed by personal recommendations, as well as media frenzy due to their love of the Lycon Waxing System.

Lycon waxing school in Moscow

While in Moscow, Lydia conducted many training sessions for therapists, many of which flew in from around Russia. “Waxing has never been so good, easy and painless," say Lydia.

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