The Effaclar Spotscan from La Roche Posay

La Roche-Posay, the sensitive skin care brand “recommended by over 25,000 dermatologists” worldwide, has launched the first “acne analyser powered by artificial intelligence”.

Targeted at consumers, The Effaclar Spotscan app was developed using an algorithm based on “extensive scientific data” and a group of dermatologists’ analysis of “more than 6000 images of men and women representing different ethnicities, skin types and levels of acne severity”.

The app user takes three ‘selfies’ (centre, left profile, right profile) that the Spotscan analyses by “counting skin imperfections (spots, blackheads and pigmented marks) to determine the acne grade (0 to 4)”.

Spotscan then provides the user with their results, a personalised Effaclar routine and skincare tips  – as well as ‘before and after’ images simulated “on expected results” if they follow the app’s recommendations and allows users to follow their skin’s progress through the Skin Diary.

Announcing the launch of Spotscan, Emma Kindler, general manager of La Roche-Posay Canada, said the app  “springs from La Roche-Posay’s commitment to using technology to provide consumers with the right acne analysis, the right information and the right personalised recommendations for effective results and better skin health”.

“Today consumers want more than just great skincare from a brand, they want an experience,” she said.

“Service has become the new-age product.

“We know that information is power when it comes to skin health and to improve their skin, consumers need to understand it.

“For acne sufferers, this means learning how to manage their acne, and it all starts with an accurate analysis.”

She said that the Skin Diary is the most visionary aspect of Effaclar Spotscan as it helps consumers evaluate their acne results.

“When patients look at their skin every day, they don’t always notice their progress, which may lead to discouragement,” she said.

“With Effaclar Spotscan Skin Diary, patients can take photos before and during the acne treatment, to make the results easier to see.

“This new ability motivates consumers to follow their acne treatment to ultimately improve their lives with acne.”

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