Australian stockists of Environ Skincare came together in July 2012 for a small number of exclusive events presented by anti-ageing skincare pioneer and founder of Environ Skincare, Dr Des Fernandes.

The Environ Skincare team presented founder of Environ Skincare, Dr Des Fernandes to speak to Australian stockists of Environ Skincare

Attendees were mesmerised by Dr Fernandes’ extensive knowledge and sincerity in sharing his insights on anti-ageing skincare. Dr Fernandes discussed his views on his ground breaking research into free radicals and antioxidants which began in 1988.

He also explained his results with iontophoresis used with a cosmetic Roll-CIT to minimise scars and reduce photo-damage. The results of daily use of topical vitamin A and how vitamin A is responsible for regulating the health of DNA in every cell of the body was also discussed.

Finally, Dr Fernandes showed dramatic results from using products with active ingredients combined with cosmetic needling.

Dr Fernandes is still an active plastic surgeon as well as personally being involved in developing new and innovative products.

Two lucky Environ stockists at the events won one of the new Ionzyme Gold Roll-CIT’s each. The winners were Tamara from Tamara’s Beauty Therapy, Annandale, QLD and Felicity from Felicity’s Beauty Cottage, Mt Eliza, VIC.

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