Ella Baché has released its first-ever retinol product with the Retinol Night Treatment Serum

If you’re into skincare, then you know what retinol (or RetinA or retinoids or retinal or Vitamin A) is. It’s the proven anti-ageing workhorse of an ingredient that we’ve turned to for decades to do everything from get rid of acne to drastically reduce the appearance of fine lines. Retinol delivers a firmer and smoother complexion by neutralising free radicals, increasing moisture retention and dramatically improving skin tone/texture.

Ella Bache Skincare Expert and National Training Manager, Gina Cook, says “Our approach and vision was to create a form of retinol that had a superior effect on the skin, was encapsulated for slow delivery while also containing ingredients that harnessed and supported the retinol while it does its miraculous work. We had a big checklist! 

The goal was to have a highly effective night serum accompanied by our in-salon treatment  “Reawaken my Rejuvenation” that uses a higher percentage of retinol. This treatment is launching today, alongside the new product and is designed to be provided by our skin therapists who will diagnose each individual’s skin and personalise retinol based on your level of skin tolerance. By doing this we create and adaptive approach, tailor made for every person.” 

The Ella Baché Retinol Night Treatment Serum is formulated to smooth fine lines and wrinkles and rejuvenate your skin health with 0.5% encapsulated Retinol for a gradual and targeted release into the skin – key to getting maximum benefit from retinol use with a minimum of irritation which is a common side effect to using actives in too high a concentration too frequently too soon.

Why does it matter that the retinol is encapsulated and what does that mean? Encapsulated Retinol means it is gradually delivered to the deeper layers of your skin overnight instead of making immediate contact with your outermost layer of skin before the now-exposed (and therefore less stable) retinol molecules absorb deeper.

This highly active yet gentle process of encapsulating retinols helps minimise irritation, a problem faced by many introducing Retinol to their skincare routine – often those who would benefit from retinol use most!

It is less irritiating because the retinol – which causes the irritation – is cocooned in a sphere/coating of some sort so that it’s more stable (doesn’t degrade as fast because of this outer layer surrounding it) and reaches the deeper layers of skin more intact (as that’s where it works versus acids that work on the superficial layer of skin). Having the retinol sink in before it’s released also means it’s not irritating impaired outer skin barrier functions or exacerbating sensitivities or superficial inflammation.

When asked what makes this product different from other retinols on the market Cook says “Ella Bache’s approach is personalising the use of retinol. We have worked on this product and its evolution for over a year! As no two skins are alike, we really need to ensure that retinol is being used correctly to get the best result.

To get the best results, we recommend: A skin consultation and diagnosis with an Ella Baché therapist, your personalised home care solution and your personalised treatment plan.

 We use encapsulated retinol that slowly is absorbed into the skin (to avoid sensitising it) and have blended it with a host of key performing support ingredients that work synergistically together. Finally, the packaging supports the efficacy of retinol. Its air tight and therefore prevents the retinol degrading before it is used.”

The highly active and multi-tasking serum, formulated with 0.5% encapsulated Retinol, is complemented by a combination of antioxidant-rich hydrating, plumping, and smoothing ingredients. In combination, these ingredients actively work together to boost the power of Retinol to deliver maximum results with care. Peptides (the building blocks of your skin’s collagen); calming, brightening, free-radical ravaging niacinamide; hyaluronic acid for moisture retention and ceramides to repair and maintain the skin barrier fuction all work to scaffold and support the hero active retinol to work on your complexion while you sleep.

Ella Baché’s Retinol Night Treatment Serum is available for salons now.

Alongside the launch of Ella Baché’s Retinol Night Treatment Serum, Ella Baché salons are also debuting two new treatments: The Retinol Reawaken My Rejuvenation and Retinol Reawaken My Rejuvenation with LED.

Reawaken My Rejuvenation is a 30-minute treatment designed to deeply rejuvenate and restore the skin with a potent 1% retinol performance treatment mask to kick start the smoothing of fine lines and skin luminosity. For maximum anti-ageing and pigmentation fighting results, Ella Baché recommends a series of treatments.

Retinol Reawaken My Rejuvenation with LED is a 60min treatment, with all of the benefits of the Renew + Reboot treatment combined with LED light technology to enhance results.

Ella Baché Retinol Night Treatment Serum, RRP $139 (30ml). On sale from 23 August 2021 at Ella Baché Salons, Adore Beauty and David Jones Stores.

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