Dr. LeWinn’s launch Synergise range

Dr. LeWinn's hosted a lovely breakfast at the Ivy Sun Room on February 3, 2011 to launch their new Synergise range.

Teresa Hryniewiecka, Dr. Lewinn's Product Development Manager

After sitting down to a sumptuous breakfast that reflected the key ingredients of the range – apple, pomegranate, acai berry – guests were treated to a contemporary dance performance that demonstrated the physical concept of 'synergise'.

A short video was followed by presentations by Dr. LeWinn's Brand Manager and the Product Development Manager.

Teresa Hryniewiecka, the Product Development Manager, says the Dr LeWinn’s brand “helps Australian women maintain their skincare habits and fight signs of ageing.”

The key to the new Synergise range is plant stem cells from the Swiss Apple.

“The stem cells work in synergy with skin cells, protecting and regenerating them. They can protect the longevity of our skin cells, and signs of ageing can be delayed or even reversed," says Hryniewiecka.

The new range is available from 24 February, 2011.

Contact: Dr. Lewinn's (03) 9676 1800.


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