Dermalogica founder visits

Jane Wurwand, founder of Dermalogica, was in Sydney on Wednesday, to talk at a media breakfast about the Dermalogica story, her motivations and inspirations.

The conference, at Pavilion on the Park cafe in The Domain, was attended by consumer and trade media. Wurwand was introduced by Dermalogica Australia’s Emma Hobson, who described her as “insightful, with a sixth sense of what is happening in the beauty industry”.

According to Wurwand (pictured at the breakfast), Dermalogica is not a follower of trends; it has always cut its own path and has become the number one professional skincare brand in Australia 15 years after launching here.

Wurwand said she thanked her mother for lessons she taught her from a young age; for example, “It’s not about balance,” Wurwand said. “It’s about resilience. Are you tough enough to take what hits you and get up again?”

This philosophy, she said, got the company through the 2009 global financial crisis, despite losing 700 of its 6500 US accounts, when some beauty businesses closed their doors. “What got us through was asking ‘what can we do better?’” Wurwand explained.

Wurwand emphasised, a number of times, the difference for her between skin therapy, which is what Dermalogica is all about, and “beauty, pampering and luxury”. In light of the current economy, she said, “pampering and luxury don’t sell. Frugality is chic.”

Dermalogica’s skin bars have been a runaway success, Wurwand said; which is testament to consumers wanting “time compressed solutions” – quick treatments targeting specific skin concerns for direct results.

The brand has also embraced social media, and Wurwand stressed the importance of using new technology for greater success for brand and salons. Dermalogica’s facebook page, for example, allows the company to keep in touch with its accounts and consumers; and for Dermalogica salons themselves to market to clients. The brand is also working on an iPhone application allowing users to easily find their nearest Dermalogica salon.

Wurwand concluded her passionate, engaging presentation, talking about how important it is to create to support an industry dominated by women – and how her brand is helping create business opportunities for women in both Western and non-Western countries.

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