Derma Aesthetics exceeds expectations

Derma Aesthetics co-managing director Simone Vescio

Derma Aesthetics, the distributor of dermaviduals skincare in Australia and New Zealand, has two big reasons to celebrate this month – co-managing director Simone Vescio has been appointed to the International Academy of Corneotherapy’s board of education and the company has launched a ‘game changing’ micro-needling device.

Simone said it was a great honour to join the board of the non-profit association “set up advance scientific research in corneotherapy and skin-related sciences”.

“Corneotherapy and skin science is an industry that I have always been passionate about and upon which I have built my career,” she said.

“I am therefore extremely excited to become a part of the IAC family and to help shape the future of corneotherapy.”

As a board member, Simone will, among other things, help set corneotherapy treatment policies and help provide educational courses, events, webinars, articles and other content.

Simone’s appointment coincides with the “highly anticipated” launch of dermaviduals’ EXCEED medical micro-needling device in Australia and New Zealand.

Derma Aesthetics co-managing director Reika Roberts said the company has received hundred of salon enquiries about the device since announcing it was ‘coming soon’ in mid-May.

“We have been very excited to launch this new device as EXCEED is a real game changer for Collagen Induction Therapy,” she said.

The EXCEED, which has been FDA approved and listed with the TGA as a class 2B medical device in Australia and is Medsafe listed in New Zealand, “improves skin regeneration, increases natural collagen formation, minimises fine lines and wrinkles,  improves the appearance of acne scarring, and reduces pore size and improves skin texture”

The device’s key features  include:

  1. German technology and engineering
  2. Runs at a low vibration and is super quiet while running
  3. Consistent power supply to ensure superior results
  4. Needle precision with a tilting needle plate that adapts to the surface of the skin to ensure perpendicular needle penetration and minimal epidermal trauma
  5. Patented microneedle cartridges
  6. Adjustable speed on the digital display
  7. Corded to ensure consistent speed
  8. Operated at a frequency of up to 150 microchannels per second

“The device is amazing and everyone will love it,” she said.

“We can’t wait to see it take off across Australasia.”

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