Aum set to change Australian organic skin care market

The recently launched Aum Anti Age Organics range is poised to change the Australian organic skin care market.

Aum Lifting Face Serum – the star product of the new range

The range includes a complete skin care and facial regimen which claims to offer visible anti-ageing benefits achieved through a combination of rejuvenating plant actives and certified organic formulations.

The founders of Aum, Susan Markin and son Julian, shared a spiritual journey that took them around the globe to India, America, Europe and Australia.

Aum co-founder Julian Markin

Along the way, they encountered a new consciousness of sustainable living that instilled in them a natural and ethical approach to all aspects of life, including beauty.

Susan and Julian had a vision of creating bio-effective solutions for skin rejuvenation. Together with a team of cosmetic scientists, herbalists and naturopaths, they materialised their vision.

Aum is a lifestyle and we invite everyone to unwind, reconnect, beautify and unite to preserve the abundance of our planet,” says founder Julian Markin.

“Within every person is a place of beauty, love, passion and inspiration – we have incorporated this idea into the Aum range to celebrate the beauty that everyone intrinsically possesses.”

Hyaluronate and kudzu are two of the superstar ingredients incorporated in the Aum range, and Aum claims to deliver ingredients transdermally by ensuring that ingredients are the correct molecular weight and polarity to effectively penetrate the skin.

The range has been certified organic through the Australian Certified Organic body (ACO) and Ecocert.

Spas and salons interested in stocking the Aum range should contact the company on 03 9415 9911.


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