It’s time to polish up on your skin vitamin knowledge. How well do you know these skin-helpers?

If you work with the skin, chances are you’re already familiar with the impact certain vitamins can have on your client’s complexion, but in case you’re in need of a polish up, we’ve got the down low on the vitamins you should know about.

Vitamin A

Who it’s good for: Clients with ageing skin, fine lines and wrinkles

What it does: This powerful multi-tasking vitamin is one of the most essential when it comes to the fight against ageing. Proven to reduce fine lines and age spots with repeated, consistent use, it’s most commonly found in night creams.

Vitamin C

Who it’s good for: Clients with hyperpigmentation

What it does: This immune boosting, skin-loving vitamin is great for treating clients with uneven skin. Known to help banish free radicals that wreak havoc on the skin, vitamin C also has natural skin brightening properties, so is great for evening out skin tone.

Vitamin E

Who it’s good for: Clients with dry skin

What it does: As our skin ages, it tends to lose moisture, causing unsightly lines and wrinkles, which is where this nourishing vitamin really comes in handy. Packed with super moisturising properties, vitamin E vwill plump up and bring dry, sagging skin back to life.

Vitamin K

Who it’s good for: Clients with dark under-eye circles

What it does: If your clients are worried about looking tired, they may be lacking in vitamin K. Vitamin K can help to control blood clotting, stopping fragile capilliaries under the eyes from seeping and causing those panda eyes. Repeated use of eye creams containing the vitamin has been suggested to lighten and brighten existing bags.

Vitamin B3

Who it’s good for: Clients with rosacea

What it does: Often found in serums, vitamin B3 has been shown to help improve the skin’s protective barrier, assisting in keeping irritants at bay, which is ideal for clients with skin sensitivities. Other studies have shown its effectiveness for reducing the embarrassing red flush that comes with rosacea.



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