Dr Ed and his team ensures everyone walks out The DOC Clinic feeling better than when they walked in.

Practice manager Kylie catches up with Professional Beauty to talk about the Melbourne boutique medical cosmetic and skin clinic.

Tell us about The DOC Clinic?
“The DOC Clinic was established in February 2016. Dr Ed had been working in the local area since 2010 and had witnessed a growth in demand for cosmetic medicine, particularly in the areas of mole and scar treatments, leg vein treatments and general skin ageing concerns. Many people were travelling to the city or further for treatment. Dr Ed identified a need to provide a professional cosmetic medical service to the growing population of the west. He initially hired rooms but found that he was becoming limited in the treatments he could provide, and needed more space, as well as availability to service the growing demand.”

How many staff do you have?
“The DOC Clinic is a small boutique medical cosmetic and skin clinic. Our team consists of cosmetic and vein physician Dr Ahmed (Ed) Omarjee, dermal clinician Asha, medical receptionists Lynette and Marg and practice manager Kylie.”

Tell us about your services?
“The DOC Clinic is a state-of-the art, modern, purpose built facility. We pride ourselves on offering a personalised and professional service. Our purpose is to deliver a professional medical cosmetic service provided by a doctor and a dermal therapist. We offer a broad range of non-invasive cosmetic and dermal treatments on site.”

What are the most popular treatments?
“All our treatments serve a purpose, but the types of treatments which are becoming increasingly popular are less invasive treatments that give natural results. Anti-ageing injections continue to be very popular with some changes in the technique of injecting to achieve more natural, softening of lines. Regular facials such as HydraFacials are giving lasting immediate results of increased hydration of the skin and a dewy glowing complexion. Skin needling can also achieve great natural results, and when combined with PRP (platelet rich plasma) can achieve improved healing and longer lasting results. Cosmetic mole removal, keloid scar treatment and varicose vein treatments are also very popular.”

Tell us more about Dr Ed?
“We are fortunate to have the services of Dr Ed Omarjee, who has been an experienced cosmetic physician since 2002. Dr Ed is a Fellow of the Cosmetic Physicians College of Australasia, and a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practice. As a qualified cosmetic physician, Dr Ed Omarjee has training in laser therapy, micro and ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy, dermatoscopy and skin surgery. He also has extensive experience in anti-ageing procedures like dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injectables. We are a small team and a lot of internal training occurs every day, as the doctor has an open door policy for all his staff. He enjoys sharing his knowledge with the team, as he prides himself on having professional, educated and friendly staff.”

How important is education and training?
“As a minimum we have our dermal clinicians complete specific treatment, laser modality and skincare training annually, or more frequently with new products and treatment launches, that keeps them across all the latest updates and advancements. Dr Ed attends annual industry specific conferences and training workshops, and is always one of the first cosmetic physicians to be invited to product and treatment launches within the cosmetic industry. Dr Ed had a passion for learning and is always reading and researching new techniques and ways to improve.”

Tell us about your partnership with Beaute Pacifique?
“Beaute Pacifique has been part of our clinic since 2016 and we use their products in many of our treatments, including our signature Beaute Pacifique Deluxe Facia. We prescribe their product as part of the at-home regime for many clients, especially post-treatment. We know we are guaranteed fantastic results due to the quality of the product and the ingredients, combining active and natural components to get that ‘wow-factor’ finish. Our most popular product would have to be Metamorphique Vitamin A Night Creme, because it is a highly effective night cream, while remaining hydrating. It is easy to use and results are amazing across all age groups.”

Retail brands stocked:
• Beaute Pacifique
• Aspect Dr
• Cosmedix Elite
• DP Dermaceuticals

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