Founder and director of the most fashionable clinic in town, Melanie Grant puts glam into every aspect of her business – Professional Beauty chats to Melanie about the vision behind her unique approach. 

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Tell us a brief history of your career, what has led you here?

I’ve always worked with the skin. And having worked with cosmetic doctors for the past ten years, I’ve been fortunate to share in some fantastic experiences and knowledge. The clinical aspects of beauty have always fascinated me. It’s a field that is constantly changing and developing. My husband jokes that I’m a beauty geek as I’m always reading and researching.

Why did you decide to open your own clinic?

I opened Melanie Grant Skin earlier this year because I wanted to provide a more individual and intimate environment and give clients an alternative to the growing trend of those generic franchised clinics. We’ve designed Melanie Grant Skin to deliver high quality clinical aesthetic services with a really warm, fun and personal experience.


What’s different about your clinic? Services? Atmosphere?

We set high standards for our clients’ results and the experience they have while they are with us. To meet those standards we can’t cut corners. We need clients to respond well to the environment at the clinic, we limit the clients we see in any one day to give them the right attention, we continually invest in the industry’s best equipment and we take a holistic view by including services like Nutrition at Double Bay Clinic.

And if you want the best for your clients then you always want them to get the best services. That means having an outside clinic network that reflects our same standards. We are sister clinic to The Dr Van Park Clinic.

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Explain your decor and how it fits in the market with other skin clinics. Why did you go for this look?

The primary goal of the clinic is for our clients to leave the clinic feeling good about themselves. First and foremost the decor and clinic environment is there to support that goal. Clients have a high expectation today and the clinic hopefully reflects that. My inspiration is 90’s supermodels. Growing up, this was always the pinnacle of beauty and glamour for me.

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At the end of the day, the clinic is my second home and when clients and friends pop in for a visit, they feel like they are in my home with an environment that reflects my personality.

What has been some challenges so far?

On the surface, we definitely don’t look like any clinic you’ve ever visited. That was always the goal, but it sometimes poses a challenge for clients visiting us for the first time and wondering what exactly we do.


5 tips for someone wanting to open up a small beauty business with a flair

1. Know your client, they will always come first. And know what they respond to – both positively and negatively.
2. Do at least one thing well. Really well. Be known for it. When you’re really good at something you’ll know – your clients will refer their friends and your network will refer their clients.
3. Know your network. You’re not in this alone, and you’ll never be the one-stop-shop for your clients.
4. Invest in yourself. And understand that every dollar invested in yourself and your business has to ultimately translate into a better experience and outcome for your client.
5. Back yourself. Do it. Enjoy it. And learn from it.

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