Alex Beaumont and Tash Borgatti from Australian Skin Clinics

Australian Skin Clinics has found a new use for its medical scrubs and supplies – sending them to Africa to help save the lives of women giving birth.

Working with the not-for-profit organisation Australian Doctors for Africa (ADFA), Australian Skin Clinics is sending the supplies to help prevent the deaths of “the one 100 women in Madagascar who currently die during childbirth due to to the lack of adequate medical standards and equipment”.

Australian Skin Clinics managing director Deb Farnworth-Wood said she didn’t hesitate to donate supplies that her clinics use every day when she learnt that those same products could save a woman’s life.

“It’s hard to imagine when we have ample supplies of medical scrubs at our clinics, that there are women out there that don’t survive child birth due to the lack of such essential equipment,” she said.

“At Australian Skin Clinics, we put enormous emphasis on the importance of cleanliness and hygiene, so it seemed only right that we continue that philosophy and practice beyond the clinics themselves and help as many women as possible to enjoy safe and appropriate medical treatment.

“We hope our contribution will allow these women to feel self-respect and dignity when giving birth.

Deb also wants other Australian beauty and medi-aesthetics industry to donate as well.

“We are calling on anyone in the medi-aesthetic, beauty or medical space to share what they can spare – scrubs, sterile equipment and basic medical supplies will go a long way in helping to prevent complications during childbirth.”

Scrub and medical supplier Medeleq has already pledged its support, but Deb said they still need many more companies to come on board.

According to ADFA, lack of sterile garments is one of the key issues that lead to problems after childbirth.

“While basic healthcare is provided for free, the patients themselves must pay for supplies such as bed sheets, dressings and food.

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