One of Sydney’s best-kept beauty secrets, Miss Franc is quickly earning a reputation for the art of beauty and balance. Artist and cosmetic clinician, clinic owner and founder, Francine Ithier is passionate about symmetry, structure and real skin health with a particular penchant for lips – and Instagram is loving her for it.

The clinic’s interior is a true reflection of Fran’s work and philosophy. Each piece in her waiting room has been carefully curated, sourced from the finest antique stores, creating an ambiance that is both comforting and chic. On the shelves sits her father’s books and her grandfather’s camera, while the wall is adorned with a large mirror, custom made from an old horse and cart. A black deer horn ceiling chandelier complements the oversized grey couch and tan leather cushions, creating the perfect blend of art, architecture and style. Fran’s treatment room is both clinical and chic, featuring predominantly white furniture and equipment. Siri is on hand and at Fran’s command should the music require a volume shift or lights dimmed for comfort.

The Miss Franc signature ‘look’ is never overdone and meeting Fran in the flesh, her natural beauty shines through. Her philosophy to enhance a person’s natural features and to see each client’s face as a unique canvas is what sets her apart from the rest. Passionate about her craft, Fran only takes on new clients who are committed to long-term skin health, both inside and out. Fran reiterates to all of her clients that clinic treatments are only a small piece of the puzzle and must be combined with prescribed take-home skincare products, a healthy lifestyle and good diet for total skin health. “I see my clients every four weeks,” Fran says. “I only take on serious skin enthusiasts. I make sure my clients are committed and they must stick to a routine if they want to maintain long-term, lasting results.”

When she’s not treating clients, Fran is happiest cutting open cadavers with world training leaders to ensure she’s up to date with the latest medical techniques. Fran is usually invited to go overseas twice a year on sponsored trips to learn the latest around skin, facial structure and adverse reactions. Fran also partakes in local training sessions every eight weeks or so. It’s her dedication to her craft that means Fran doesn’t need to advertise or market her services. “All of my clients are via word of mouth,” she said. “When I’m away I always have clients calling me and asking me when I’m coming back.”

Fran offers a variety of treatments at Miss Franc including IPL, Excel-V (the latest sister-act to the IPL to treat redness, unsightly veins, age spots, sun spots and discolouration on the face and body), Laser Genesis, Dermapen, hydrating and anti-ageing facials with enzymes and herbs, a variety of peels and anti-wrinkle injections and fillers. Fran tailors each treatment to suit the individual’s needs and concerns and will often combine treatments for the most effective results, like skin needling with a peel. One of her favourite treatments is the Byonik. “The Byonik laser facial is a stunning treatment that really feeds and nourishes your cells,” Fran said. “It’s a great way to get antioxidants directly into the skin’s cells, leaving it hydrated and plump.”

Fran said it took her more than a year to find the perfect skin care range and she eventually chose to partner with Luzern (for a number of reasons), but mainly because they formulate all of their products without toxins, irritants and unnecessary additives. “They are cosmeceuticals made from active ingredients and botanicals without any of the damaging chemicals,” Fran explained. “I believe in balance, so if people are injecting themselves with things like botulinum toxin (Botox) and filler, then topically on the skin I like to leave it as natural as possible, while still getting results. Luzern helps my clients achieve a healthier, more beautiful complexion.”

Future plans:
Fran plans to expand her offering into a new and unique concept the beauty space will relish. She’ll be introducing a Korean-based facial treatment later in the year and has some exciting skin collaborations upcoming. But for now, nothing further can be revealed.

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