Natural Beauty Week

Australians will be encouraged to incorporate natural products into their beauty regime during Natural Beauty Week, October 21st – 25th.


Presented by the College of Natural Beauty, Natural Beauty Week seek to raise awareness of the health and environmental impacts of chemicals used in cosmetics and beauty products.

College of Natural Beauty ambassador and renowned Australian eco-model Amanda Rootsey will use Natural Beauty Week as a platform to invite Australians to scrutinise their products and consider switching to more natural alternatives during the week and beyond.

The College will also encourage Australians to have makeup-free days, giving their skin more time to breathe. Lecturers, staff and students will be going makeup-free on Thursday, October 24th.

Heddy Style
Heddy Butler

“We want to encourage Australians to boost the number of natural products they use as a way to protect their health and the environment,” said College of Natural Beauty Director and Aesthetics Education Heddy Butler.

“The skin is our largest organ and the products we use quickly enter our bloodstream. Increasing the number of natural products you use and getting rid of those with harmful chemicals can have a huge impact on your health. Even making one small change to your choice of shampoo, makeup, deodorant or perfume can help over time,” she said.

Consumers and those in the beauty industry will also be encouraged to visit during Natural Beauty Week for inspiration and ideas on how to make the switch to natural, instructions on how to read labels, ingredients to watch out for and skin-friendly beauty foods.  Documentation of the journey is welcomed through social media, using the hashtag #switchtonatural.

College of Natural Beauty Clinic will donate 10% of profits generated through its clinic treatments during National Natural Beauty Week to the Butterfly Foundation for Eating Disorders to help support Australians who suffer from eating disorders and negative body image issues and their carers.

The College of Natural Beauty has partnered with the beauty industry since its inception in 1992, earning its place as a leading Australian training institution. The College is known for integrating sustainable beauty practices into its business and teaching the future beauty industry leaders and practitioners about the merits of a natural approach to skincare and holistic beauty in a ‘low to no chemical’ learning environment.

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