Brad Bergmann, the strategy and operations manager for Bio Sculpture Australia, reveals six simple ways to increase your salon’s nail business.

  1. Choose products with a point-of-difference

The nail market has become extremely competitive in recent years so it is important that your products and services aren’t exactly the same as the ones being offered in the nail salons near you. One option to stand out from the crowd is to choose products with recognised health benefits (vegan, cruelty-free, non-toxic, odourless, free from fine particles/powders that can be easily inhaled) to appeal to the growing number of health conscious consumers – and keep you, your staff and clients safe and healthy. The most important point-of-difference between you and your competitors should however always be high quality products and high quality service.

EXTRA TIP: Make sure your nail brand’s health and/or quality claims are substantiated – looks for clinical trials or other certifications or awards that support their claims.

  1. Offer FAST and EASY nail art

Nail art is hot right now so it’s important to be able to offer this service as it attracts a lot of clients – and a lot of shares and likes on Facebook and Instagram! Always remember that very few women can create their own nail art, so they need a salon that provides that service – make sure it’s yours. Many nail technicians avoid nail art because they lack confidence and find it difficult and time-consuming to achieve desired results. However, new products like Bio Sculpture’s High Pigment Gel Nail Art Kit and Swarovski’s CrystalPixie Nail Art crystals make the task almost fool-proof.

BioSculpture’s High Pigment Gel Nail Art Kit
  1. Retail. Retail.

The backbone of any salon business is the revenue generated through easy retail sales. The best way to increase your retail sales is to understand your nail customers’ needs, and educate them on the after-care options available – this will ensure they buy the products they need to maximise their in-salon manicure results immediately after their treatment. After care options include cuticle oils and creams, gel remover sachets, nail treatments that help stimulate keratin production – make sure your salon stocks them all. After all, healthy cuticles = healthy nails = happy customers!

  1. Increase profits with value added services

Due to the dramatic increase in nail salons around Australia in the last few years, standard colour manicure and pedicure services can be very price competitive so it is difficult to make a large profit margin on them. Therefore, unless you are an extremely high-traffic salon, it is imperative you offer specialised services such as nail sculptures/extensions, spa treatments, and customised nail art so you can charge premium prices and grow your business.

EXTRA TIP: Attend a gel extension workshop to quickly gain confidence to offer these as an add-on service.

Bio Sculpture Australia is an authorized reseller of Swarovski CrystalPixie Nail Art Crystals
  1. Get digital

Although word-of-mouth is still the best way to get new customers into your salon, digital channels offer unique, passive ways to generate new clients. To ensure your success:

  1. Set up a Google business account to get visibility in Google Maps
  2. Make sure that your website is an accurate reflection of your salon and services – if it looks cheap, customers will not be willing to pay more for services
  3. Make sure you have listings in web directories such as Yelp, Urban List, TripAdvisor etc…
  4. Put time and effort into photographing your finished work. Images of your clients’ nails are your best advertising opportunity, so make sure the quality of your work and the quality of the image is high – ie Instagrammable!

EXTRA TIP: Use a branded photo sheet and appropriate hashtags to potentially get re-posted and increase your following.

  1. Knowledge is power

It is easy to become complacent when all is going well in your business, however the nail industry is constantly changing. It is therefore essential to keep up-to-date with training to ensure you don’t get left behind and are able to offer your clients the latest trends and techniques – because if you don’t the salon down the road, or around the corner, will. In addition, up-to-date training gives clients confidence in your services and allows you to charge more for your services

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