Swedish designer Elin Nyström collaborated with noted nail stylist Frida Selkirk to create custom Minx nail fashion for her STYLEIN spring/summer ’12 collection.

Frida Selkirk, a native of Stockholm, has been offering Minx, the hot new nail fashion from Hollywood, in her salon Naglar på FRIDAS since 2009. After hearing that top design houses such as Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood were using Minx in their runway collections, Frida decided to introduce the solid nail coating to Swedish designers.

“I approached Elin and explained how Minx could be customised to match any pattern or fabric, becoming a fashion accessory to complement the entire ensemble,” explained Frida.

Intrigued, the designer selected a unique feather graphic, and Frida worked with Minx co-founders Janice Jordan and Dawn Lynch-Goodwin in California to create the custom design in time for the show.

“The pattern turned out perfect, and the application of Minx is very fast and easy with no drying time needed,” said Frida, whose team Minxed the hands of thirteen models for the STYLEIN show. “In fact, the models loved their Minx so much that many did not want to take it off after the show!”

Frida continued, “The makeup people told me that they felt like they were working in New York – finally, we have some nail specialists in Sweden, too!”

All photos by Kristian L.

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