Gel nail polish has some benefits that standard nail polishes, even chip-reistant and fast-drying formulas, just don't have.


The benefits include:

• It’s quick drying, which means no smudging, denting or ruining freshly-painted nails. Gel polishes dry within a few minutes when cured under a UV or LED light. The lights are perfect for hardening gel polish without burning skin, too.
• Extended wear; gel polishes can hold their shine and can last between two to three weeks without marring or chipping.
• They’re versatile, as skilled nailed technicians can add length by using gel polishes, but anyone can use these products in a more traditional paint-on manner.

The new Hawley Gelique line helps to strengthen weak and soft nails, while beautifying the nail surface. No peeling or chipping, the Gelique range is completely odourless and available in an unlimited array of colours, including Latte, Mulberry, Blushing Diva, Orange To¬ee, Siren, Rose Bud, Seduction, Purple Sapphire, Pure Dream, Expresso, Rasberry Wine, Midnight Sky, Merlot and Jade Flyer.

Painted on with a brush (just like traditional nail polish), the service does not require any drilling or filing down of the natural nail. A slight etching with a fine buffer to smooth away any lines or ridges is all that is required.

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