CND reinvents Vinylux

Less than five years after launching its long-wearing nail polish, CND has “reinvented” its Vinylux Weekly Polish with the introduction of a caring complex that pampers clients and an ergonomic brush that streamlines the application process.

Danelle Dent, the national sales manager at Pacific Nail & Beauty (the local distributor of CND), said the company reinvented the brand as “consumers crave beauty products with a multitude of benefits”.

“The most trusted brand by nail professionals has reformulated Vinylux to be the first-ever professional long-wear polish on the market to include a caring complex (Keratin, Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E) and a new Italian-designed, ergonomic brush that allows for smooth and easy application to enhance service time.”

Dent said the new formula offers a long wear look that has the beautiful finish of a gel polish with the quick and easy removal of a traditional polish.

It enables salon staff to give “clients the on-trend colour variety they’re craving, while working with a caring product to leave a beautiful, long-lasting finish”.

The key benefits of the new formula include:

  • Seven-day chip-resistant wear
  • A colour coat that is breathable with micro-pores for a more aerated-feeling nail bed.
  • A caring complex infusion of Keratin, Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E.
  • An eight-and-half minute dry time
  • An ergonomic and curve-hugging brush for flawless coverage with a smooth and easy application.
  • A longer shelf life as the new formula thickens less over time
  • The 120+ polish colours in the range match the CNDShellac colour range.

Dent said the new polish has “already started to filter through” to salons and would continue to do so throughout 2018.

Pacific Nail & Beauty will promote the polish via social media platforms as well as its websites and network of CND-authorised distributors.

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