Karla Roccuzo applies Curtis Collection makeup to Rozalia Russian

Victoria Curtis’s recent video collaboration with two Australian ‘influencers’ has resulted in increased brand awareness and in-salon sales for her Curtis Collection makeup brand.

Victoria, the founder and CEO of Curtis Cosmetics, teamed up with Rozalia Russian and Karla Roccuzo to create three makeup how-to videos (‘5-minute makeup look’, ‘Everyday Glam’ and ‘Night Time Glam’) that have been shared on Victoria’s, Rozalia’s and Karla’s social media networks.
Victoria said the company decided to collaborate with the influencers as they “both use and love the Curtis Collection brand”.

Karla Roccuzo, Rozalia Russian and Victoria Curtis

“We felt that this would be an exciting project given that the ladies shared our passion for Curtis products and we were able to showcase and communicate this through our video series.”

According to Victoria, Rozalia, a Melbourne fashion blogger with over 232,000 followers on Instagram, discovered the brand when she was pregnant and wanted to use “a mineral product that allowed her skin to breathe without clogging her pores and causing any further issues”.

“She instantly fell in love with our foundations and has continued to use them on a daily basis,” she said.

Likewise, Karla Ruccuzzo, a makeup artist with over 92,000 Instagram followers, also “loves Curtis Collection and understands the science behind the products too”.

“We all agreed that this would be an excellent opportunity to bring our clients a series of makeup tutorials featuring Rozalia’s three favourite makeup looks using Curtis Collection products.”

“The makeup tutorial videos have been a huge success,” she said.

“They most definitely allowed our clients to gain more of an insight into our products and the best way to use them which leads to an increase in interest and sales.

“Clients are seeking the brand out more than ever which is a fabulous thing for us all.”

She said the brand is already planning to work with Rozalia and Karla again this year.

“When people believe in the brand and share our love for the products, it makes it easy and effortless to work alongside them to create wonderful content for our stockists and their clients.

“We are fortunate enough to have many key influencers use and promote our products which in turn leads to increased awareness and sales.”