Vani-T has announced it is the official cosmetic and tanning supplier for the host of the live webcast program, Mornings Live on Australia Live TV.

As part of the sponsorship, the show’s female host Tineka Everaardt, received a personal consultation from the Vani-T style team to professionally match its Krush Minerals cosmetics and Vani-T Liquid Sun spray tan products to suit her.

Tania Walsh, CEO Vani-T said: “When we were approached by Tineka and the team at Mornings Live for sponsorship, we decided this was a great partnership for Vani-T and a great opportunity to provide cosmetics and tanning products to one of Australia’s talented young broadcasters.

“Our team of experts understand that applying makeup on web-enabled television is very different to applying makeup for a print model. More is less when it comes to filming. It’s crucial that all aspects of the makeup are heavier than normal because once harsh lighting is applied, makeup will instantly wash out. It is also important that the body colour on show matches the face, so you will see many presenters wear a spray tan,” said Tania.

Australia Live TV is a free live internet broadcasting service that enables viewers to watch programs on their computer or web-enabled TV.

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