Since its inception in 2008, Brisbane’s Makeup and Glow has become one of Australia’s leading online makeup stores for makeup artists, with professional discounts and products direct from the manufacturers at competitive prices, expert knowledge, and award-winning customer service.

In 2012, Makeup and Glow cemented its reputation as an industry leader by opening the Makeup and Glow Academy, within their Paddington store.

“As Makeup and Glow has the reputation for providing the best products, service and knowledge in the industry, it was a logical next step in the expansion of the brand to offer quality, comprehensive training in makeup and its application,” says owner and director, Rachael Parnell.

A long-time makeup artist herself, and having worked in film, theatre and photographic makeup, Rachael has joined forces with one of Australia’s highest profile and in-demand celebrity hair and makeup artists, Dale Dorning, to provide students with world-class training in an intimate studio environment.

“For several years, I have received feedback from students who have been left disheartened by the lack of talent and attention being offered at existing training facilities. I was determined to ensure that Makeup and Glow would offer workshops with some of the most admired artists, and this now includes the highly coveted government-accredited Certificate II courses, conducted by Dale,” says Rachael.

Rachael Parnell

Dale says he has designed his Certificate II Makeup Masterclass to ensure all participants walk away competent and qualified, within subjects that are guaranteed to inspire and stimulate aspiring and trained makeup artists.

The Makeup and Glow courses are a highlight for any educational calendar, as they are conducted by trainers actively engaged in the industry who are free to promote whatever products work for them, and set high standards of workmanship. The classes in the state-of-the-art training studio feature no more than eight to 12 people, and often one-on-one.

For further information on the Makeup and Glow Academy, please visit or call 1300 788 366. For further information on Dale Dorning, please visit