Victoria University has entered into a partnership with a new Australian professional makeup brand, PaintBox Cosmetics.

PaintBox Cosmetics has worked with the education provider for the past several months to create custom made student kits for their professional makeup course in 2011.

The new cosmetics brand, which is sold direct to makeup artists, also provides the student kits for The Australian College, Adelaide TAFE and Elite Hair & Makeup Academy.

"We work with each school to design custom made kits to suit the needs of their students. No two schools have the same needs so it is important we can be versatile and create something that will achieve the best results for their students and the most cost effective price" explains PaintBox Cosmetics director Justine Poniris.

Justine has over 20 years experience in the professional makeup industry and has trained many successful make artists and hair stylists for M.A.C Cosmetics, television and the fashion industry.

In order to develop PaintBox Cosmetics, Justine worked with her existing network of makeup artists and clients to create a product that meet their needs and exceeded their expectations.

“The most important aspect of the design process of the PaintBox Cosmetics brand was working with our customers. It was crucial that we took the time to listen to the concerns and needs of both makeup artists and the end consumer. With their input we created a product range and education system tailored specifically to their needs.”

PaintBox Cosmetics is sold only to professional makeup artists, who are able to sell the range to their clients with a 100% mark up.

The brand requires low minimum orders, and makeup artists can work with PaintBox Cosmetics to design their own colour palettes to suit their individual needs.

Consisting of over 200 products for eyes, cheeks, face and lips, PaintBox Cosmetics is designed to give flawless long lasting coverage and create striking unforgettable highly pigmented colour finishes.

In addition to its extensive product offering, PaintBox Cosmetics offers its clients complimentary training twice a year covering the latest application techniques.

PaintBox Cosmetics is a brand dedicated to education. Our aim is to provide the highest quality products complimented by professional education that helps advance and grow our clients’ skills and businesses,” stated Justine.

To order phone 1300 230 882 or email