Sephora makeup by Alphie Sadsadat for Romance Was Born (image by BeautyDirectory)

 Although Napoleon Perdis was the official makeup sponsor at this year’s MBFW, the brand was not the only one responsible for making up all the genetically-blessed faces on show.

Other makeup brands on parade at the fashion extravaganza included Shiseido, Harlotte Cosmetics, MAC, ModelCo, Lancome, Inglot, Adderton, Kryolan − and Sephora, which created the looks for Romance Was Born (pictured above).

Sephora’s Alphie Sadsad said the look, created with artistic direction from Peter Beard, was “very 1920s, very glamorous, but with a modern twist”.

“The look was done so that every girl had a graphic eye – it’s quite dark, but every eye look had a splash of colour. The eyeshadow colours we largely focused on were the blues and yellows, with hints of pinks and coloured mascaras. There was also lots of diamentes to draw light to the look.”

He added that Peter designed and created the ‘butterfly’ eye concept “using different colours imprinted on foil that is then folded in half and pressed on beside the eye” in the same way that children create “butterfly paintings in pre-school”.

The backstage images below, supplied by BeautyDirectory, highlight  just some of the other makeup artistry showcased at the event − make sure you check out some of the other looks in the next issue of Professional Beauty magazine.

Shiseido makeup by Linda Jeffreys for Camilla (image by BeautyDirectory)

Camilla – makeup by Linda Jeffreys for Shiseido
“We really wanted the girls to look like Japanese warrior women because that’s what I was inspired by when I looked at Camilla’s clothes. I wanted the makeup to be kept quite simple but I still wanted it to be very Camilla and that’s why we’ve used the glitter and sparkles in the look. I initially wanted to paint the look but after I saw the glitter I knew that’s what we had to use. We also wanted the skin to be really modern and fresh and that’s where the Shiseido products have worked so well. They’ve given the skin a beautiful finish – we prepped with the Shiseido Pureness Refreshing Cleansing Water and the Essential Energy Moisturising Gel Cream which gave a beautiful base for foundation and to apply the warrior mask. We used the Shiseido Synchro Skin Tinted Gel Cream and a little medium bronzer just to contour the skin.”

Lancôme makeup by Lara Srokowski for  for Roopa Resort (image by BeautyDirectory)

Lancôme – makeup by Lara Srokowski for Roopa Resort
“I love this look, it’s so much fun. We’re pushing the boundaries of Fashion Week. The skin has the beautiful finish from the Lancôme Advanced Génifique we’ve used, plus the Teint Idole Ultra Wear Foundation and the Custom Glow Drops combined. We’ve got a highlighted cheekbone and before the models hit the runway we made it nice and glossy with a little more Génifique. We had two different eye looks − One was a really cool dark eye with a gloss over the top which we reapplied just before the models hit the runway so it started to smudge a little bit while the other look was more about architectural eyeliner so we had liner on top that came through to meet the bottom liner.”

UTOWA makeup by Chris Arai for Raffles International Showcase (image by BeautyDirectory)

UTOWA – makeup by Chris Arai for Raffles International Showcase
“We’ve created two looks − one is very floaty and feminine and one is very street. The second, quirky look is all about the lips which are bright, colourful, poppy and a lot of fun. For the feminine look we chose quite an intense red, almost a maroon tone around, and on, the eyes because this is quite a Japanese colour. The skin was lightly dewy because we wanted the freckles to come through on the girls − there was no Kim Kardashian contouring!”