LaGlam mineral cosmetics launches

LaGlam mineral cosmetics recently launched, founded by makeup artist Amanda La Monica.

Owning and operating a full time business as a makeup artist in Sydney since December 2004, La Monica specialises in the bridal industry and said she averages 100 brides each year.

La Monica said she wanted to create a product that would easily and quickly achieve everything her clients were asking for.

“Brides want to look natural without looking like their makeup is layered on thick. They also want a flawless finish that lasts for the day. LaGlam cosmetics achieve all of this and because it’s 100 per cent mineral it does not sacrifice the health of the skin. It also has a high protection sunscreen of SPF20+,” La Monica said.

The range was created in response to requests from La Monica’s clients: “[They] wanted to buy the products for themselves – the feedback received is amazing,” La Monica said. “The comments people received from their friends, family and work colleagues when [they changed to] LaGlam made them feel as beautiful as they look. The products are now flying off the shelves!”

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