Bodyography hosts night in Pandora

To celebrate their second birthday, Bodyography hosted “A Night in Pandora,” which was held at Silk Road in Melbourne on the October 2nd.

Bodyography ‘Navi’

The evening was deemed a huge success and Silk Road was at full capacity of 1000 guests by 11:45pm.

Rob Tamburro, director of Bodyography, stated that the makeup artists performed an incredible feat in turning models into ‘Navi.’

“The finished Avatars looked so real that many people thought they were in body suits, however all Avatars were completed live in the venue in front of our guests.”

The Bodyography team

“I came up with the idea to do an avatar-themed event…whilst reading a magazine and seeing an advert for Avatar. I thought to myself this would be a fantastic event to really show the ability of our girls and the artistry that they can deliver,” said Tamburro.

Months of planning went into transforming Silk Road into Pandora. The evening featured mist and smoke machines and special coloured lighting to create an otherworldly venue.

The evening demonstrated the ability of the Bodyography artistic including Laurie Faulkner, Elena Lieu, Jodie Drago, Lanie Phelps and Tanya Guccione.

As the night drew to a close, guests were invited into the private suite to celebrate the evening with Bodyography staff.

To contact Bodyography call 1300 263 964.


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