Lycon Receives ISO Certification

Lycon Cosmetics has been awarded with the International Standardization Organization 22716 Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practices certification.

Lydia Jordane

ISO 22716 is a new quality system specifically tailored to ensure the quality of cosmetic product manufacturing processes and operations. It primarily covers operational areas including materials testing, product manufacturing, site hygiene, internal auditing, external auditing, product testing, quality assurance, and warehouse/dispatch functions.

LYCON-ISOCertificationThis is a broad and detailed quality system published by the International Standardization Organization (ISO) who have “become the global standard that the regulators in various countries and regions look to when assessing import licenses and cosmetic product registrations,” said Lydia Jordane, CEO and founder of Lycon Cosmetics.

“To achieve this standard requires diligent documentation, planning and a focus on constant improvements as new techniques and technologies become available,” she added.

This certification benefits the customer as it assures the customer of the product quality and safety. “ISO 22716 not only further protects the renowned quality of Lycon products, but it also builds continuous improvement strategies into our operations and company culture so that we continue to grow,” Lydia said.

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