Waxing expert and founder of Caronlab, Lilliane Caron shares her twenty cents worth on the 7 Minute Brazilian trend sweeping salons.

“There’s a lot of hype about Seven Minute Brazilians at the moment and let me tell you, it is a joke!” says Caronlab founder, Lilliane Caron.

“It is simply a marketing tactics designed to make you question what you know is best. Can you rip all the hairs from someone’s private parts in less than seven minutes? Yes, absolutely! But there is a reason we all have jobs, and it’s not because we can pull hairs out quicker than you can say ‘I’m here for my Brazilian wax thanks’.

The waxing expert is outspoken on the fact she feels the latest in-and-out waxing trend is nothing more than hype, and likely to leave therapists and clients ripped off.

The Seven Minute Brazilian treatment is exactly as it sounds – a Brazilian performed in seven minutes or less, designed to appeal to time poor clients. And with a slew of seven minute products in recent years (you can get yourself a nice set of abs, a better career and even have better sex in under ten minutes, according to marketing companies), its appearance in the beauty industry should come as little surprise.

“The Seven Minute Brazilian is a rough and quick technique which can cause the hairs to snap at the surface, resulting in severe ingrown hairs, bruising and very tender and sore skin for your client,” emphasises Caron.

In fact, a recent analysis of ER visits by scientists at the University of California, San Francisco found rushed and unprofessional pubic hair grooming procedures have lead to a five-fold increase in pubic region injuries in recent years.

More so, Caron says speeding up your treatments is a sure-fire way to lose business.

“Pushing people in and out your door is not the way to create ongoing, loyal customers. What’s to gain? Yes you can fit more clients in one day, but if you are conducting a treatment in less than half the time, your customers are going to expect to pay at least half the price. If anything, in the long run you will be out of pocket because if you are butchering their most private areas, my guess is you won’t be seeing them ever again.”

While it’s true most therapists get quicker with experience, a good Brazilian wax typically takes up to 20 minutes to complete. However, it’s not uncommon hfor some salons to take up to an hour on the treatment.

“With a new client, I would always make a longer appointment as you never know what you are going to be dealing with. If you are shown a good technique from an experienced waxing mentor to start with, after a few attempts you will feel much more confident and be able to perform each treatment in a reasonable amount of time,” says Caron.

And as for Caron’s final word on the 7 Minute Brazilian trend?

“It takes more than seven minutes to perform a treatment and win over your new clients. With the time it takes arranging advertisements and marketing to draw in new customers, spending that extra time ensuring you actually keep a client is only common sense.”

Have your say: What are your thoughts on the 7 Minute Brazilian? Do you offer it at your salon?