Three of the world’s leading beauty exhibition organisers ‒ BolognaFiere, Informa Markets and Shanghai Baiwen Exhibition Co ‒ have joined forces to host the inaugural South China Beauty Expo.

The new expo, which will be held at the Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center from July 30 to August 1 next year, is being organised by Informa Markets (organiser of B2B trade shows in Asia), BolognaFiere (organiser of Cosmoprof Worldwide) and Shanghai Baiwen (organiser of beauty trade exhibitions and conferences in China). The expo will also be supported by Cosmoprof Asia and the China Beauty Expo.

According to the three organisers, the South China Beauty Expo will launch “the beauty industry in the Greater Bay Area into a new era and target the development needs of new generations of consumer groups, retail channels and manufacturing enterprises”.

It is expected to bring together more than 800 high-quality exhibitors and attract more than 20,000 professional visitors.

Sang Jingmin, the chairman of the China Beauty Expo and president of the Shanghai Convention & Exhibition Industries Association, said he has great confidence in the new event.

“The official cooperation by the organisers of the world’s top three beauty exhibitions in organising the South China Beauty Expo in Shenzhen is a genuinely powerful alliance representing the birth of an international high-quality beauty trade platform in the Greater Bay Area,” he said.

“We will continue adhering to the core values of ‘Innovation, Leading, and Service’ and join hands with the Chinese and even the world’s cosmetics industry to create the new era of the beauty industry in Greater Bay Area!”

The South China Beauty Fair will “vigorously promote technological and innovative development of the beauty industry”.

Focusing on “international vogue, high-tech, design trends  and new demands from new generations of consumers”, the South China Beauty Expo will highlight “hot topics such as the Z-generation, new retail, consumption upgrades, and cross-border IP” by setting up special zones such as Innovative Retail, E-Beauty, Trends, Beauty Start Ups and Beauty IP Licensing.

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