Lash serum market curls upwards



The global eyelash enhancing agents market is expected to grow 5.83 percent a year for the next five years – with demand for curling serums projected to grow at an even faster 6.5 per cent per annum in the same period.

According to a new report by Market Research Future, the market will reach US$513.44 million in the US (the largest market) by 2023 while Asia Pacific (the fastest growing region) is expected to grow at 6.26 per cent per annum from now until then. 

The major driving factors for the market are the “increasing the prevalence of eye inflammations such as madarosis and blepharitis, the growing cosmetic industry, and well-developed technology”.

“Eyelash enhancing serums are unique formulas with lash enhancement, conditioning, moisturising, and strengthening ingredients that collaboratively work to support and improve the overall appearance of eyelashes,” said the report.

“The serums have become increasingly popular due to their effective functional feature that turns drab, sparse, and brittle eyelashes into attractive and long eyelashes….”

According to the report, most eyelash agents are clinically tested and customer-verified “to enhance the appearance of eyelashes within just a few weeks of regular and correct application” but only Latisse, which requires a doctor’s prescription, is FDA approved for hypotrichosis (inadequate eyelashes).

The eyelashes enhancing agents market is segmented on the basis of types (curling, lengthening, volumising and others), application (repairing damaged eyelashes, nourishing and others) and content (bimatoprost, lash-building, skin care ingredients, herbal remedy, isopropyl cloprostenate, enhancer, and others).

The US is currently the largest market due to the “to the presence of the leading market players, increasing awareness for eyelashes enhancing agents and high healthcare expenditure”.

However Asia Pacific is the fastest growing market as “the increasing need for better eyelashes enhancing agents, rapidly improving technology in the cosmetic industry, and the presence of a huge opportunities pool drives the growth”.

Key players in the eye lash growth serum market include Estee Lauder, Allergan, Rodan & Fields, Skin Research Laboratories, Athena Cosmetics, Grande Cosmetics and Beauty Essentials.

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