Customers at the Jocelyn Patroni salon in Woollahra know that when they book in for the Heart Chakra signature facia treatment, they’re in for an unprecedented experience. Here, Jocelyn shares the intricate and precise movements she uses to deliver the facial.

“The movements themselves are not as important as the direction in which they move. The most important component of a facial massage is that you always move towards the direction of lymphatic flow,” says Jocelyn. “Lymphatic drainage clears congestion, breakouts, dark circles and puffy eyes. Skin toxins drain to the lymphatic system so enhancing this process clears and brightens the skin by flushing away build up and stimulating cellular production. It aids cellular repair, digestion and regeneration so whilst this topical massage technique occurs on the skin’s surface, it impacts the deepest skin cells and the tissue below the skin’s surface.”

This article first appeared in the August issue of Professional Beauty magazine. Download the issue here.

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