Expert tips for how to update your beauty salon interior design and decor with colour

Maybe it’s a reaction to the trend for neutral interiors or perhaps due to the pandemic that people are wanting comforting, cocooning designs in warm, punchy monochromatic palettes using inviting, tactile materials. Whatever the reason, colour is making a comeback in salon interior design? With two salons shortlisted for the 2021 Dulux Colour Award, we did the research to find out how any salon could brighten up their interiors regardless of budget. Elvin Tan of Elvin Tan Architecture & Interior Design and Wendy Bergman of Bergman and Co shared their top tips for bringing colour back to your business.

PB: What are some quick ways to incorporate colour into your salon design?

Tan: “Always treat your product as the hero! Products come in different tones of colour, so when we design a salon, we use complimentary colours as a canvas to showcase your product and service.” 

Bergman: “Painting is a quick and transformative way to change the feeling of a space. Introducing a bold statement piece, such as a reception desk or lamp, can lend personality to a salon – particularly when linking to the salon brand identity.”

PB: What about if you have a small budget?

Tan: “A fresh coat of paint to the walls and ceiling will transform the space dramatically. Pairing with the right accessories like plants and soft furnishing is always a great idea, as these can often be cost effective and easy to change.”

Bergman: “Sometimes the best outcomes come from a shoestring budget! Being inventive with inexpensive, off-the-shelf materials can have a big impact. Painting is low-cost, and there are many lighting options on the market to suit any budget – each bring personality to a space without breaking the bank.”

PB: What about a big budget?

Tan: “Definitely get the design experts in as we are trained to create space with a maximum impact with your brand in mind.” 

Bergman: “When budget allows, we are big advocates of bespoke solutions. At Beauty Block, we custom designed the reception desk, nail bench and shelving unit to reflect the warmth, detail and care of Beauty Block’s brand and service offer, allowing for a completely unique salon experience.

PB: What are the most eye-catching ways to add colour?

Tan: “It is all about how the colour works with the space, even a white salon can be very exciting and eye catching when it is layered with the right material.” 

Bergman: “Adding colour to focal areas of a design can elevate their impact. We love colour-blocking spaces in tonal hues to give a sense of being immersed in a space.”

PB: Why add colour?

Tan: “Adding colour evokes a sense of playful discovery and avoids the predictable cluttered environment often associated with nail salons.”

Bergman: “Colour is such an emotive design element. Skilful combinations of colour can have a dramatic effect on mood – it is an incredibly powerful tool for people to connect with.”

PB: How can colour enhance the client experience?

Tan: “Colour can have a touch of whimsy created from a design approach that embodies the transformative process of the sensory experience. Colour often can be reimagined as a form of escapism where customers can come to relax, dwell, pamper and walk out with a new energetic vibe.”

Bergman: “Colour can create a memorable experience that resonates with clients. At Beauty Block, we wanted to distinguish the salon from the streetscape by saturating the frontage in a soft, nude tone. Internally, a deep flesh colour envelops the space, immersing visitors in a warm atmosphere combining reception, retail, nail and lounge spaces. The selection of striking fleshy pink and nude hues speak of the human body, while the combination of metallic rose gold and high-gloss lacquered surfaces reflect shimmery cosmetics and nail lacquers central to Beauty Block’s service offer.”

PB: What are the trends in beauty salons and interior design colour now?

Tan: “It’s all about social media. It’s the platform of choice to showcase your brand and attract potential customers. Hence a lot of salons try to redefine typical salon designs with a memorable touch of unexpected fun.”

Bergman: “Many salons opt for a crisp, white base palette, however, we are seeing a move towards more natural colours and textures in salon spaces engaging with our bodies and senses. From an operational perspective, many salons are shifting the conversation from aesthetics to self-care and wellbeing – and this is reflected in the interiors that are emerging.”

PB: What should you avoid when incorporating colour?

Tan: “Keep it simple and have an overall palette that will complement your product and service. Don’t get caught up in fads.” 

Bergman: “It is worth being aware of colour psychology, including cultural associations with colour. Bright and deep tones should be used judiciously – but ultimately, it always depends on the space and application.”

PB: How do you pick a palette to go with?

Tan: “Take time to play around and experiment. Often people like a colour and decide to go with it, without considering the overall design and experience. Our trick is always to get a small pot of paint or even colour samples from Dulux and lay all the finishes together. If it feels right, than it’s the way to go!”

Bergman: “We always start with the client brief and the feeling they would like the space to exude. At Beauty Block, we created an immersive interior that allows clients to connect with the brand, products and services in an experiential way. We often start with a key colour or material that addresses our concept and build the palette around this. We experiment with colour and finishes to find balance and harmony.”

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