HABA explains what you need to know about redundancies and employee termination.

pha168000081Aside from ensuring you have a fair process in place and provide the required notice period, some employees will have access to job search entitlements.

Where an employer has terminated an employee and has given the employee notice of termination, the employee is entitled to one day off with pay for the purposes of seeking other employment. This is usually used in circumstances where an employee plans to attend interviews. The time off is to be taken at a time that is convenient to the employee after consultation with the employer.

If an employee is made redundant, they are allowed up to one day off without loss of pay during each week of the notice period. Therefore if an employee has been with a salon for 2 years and is made redundant, they are able to access 2 days off (paid) for the purpose of searching for another job.

Should the employee take more than one day off during their notice period to seek work, the employer may request proof of attendance to an interview or the employee will not be paid. In these circumstances a statutory declaration can be used as reasonable evidence.

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