HABA helps fights the blues

HABA's executive director Vanessa Weaver and beyondblue ambassador Daniela Fazio

Hair and Beauty Australia has donated $5000 to help Australians living with depression and anxiety.

The association raised the money for beyondblue with a $77,000 Luxury Prize Draw featuring a Mercedes-Benz A180 and a diamond tennis bracelet as the main prizes

HABA staff and board members sold 1100 tickets for the draw for $100 each to visitors at the Hair Expo pop up in Beauty Expo Melbourne in March and the Sydney Hair Expo in June.

HABA executive director Vanessa Weaver said the organisation was proud to support Australians suffering depression and anxiety.

“Around one million Australian adults live with depression and over two million have anxiety – and on average one in five women and one in eight men will experience depression in their lifetime,” she said.

“Every day, nearly eight people take their own lives.

“These statistics are significant, startling and concerning for employers.

“The results of these statistics on anxiety, depression and mental illness mean that there is a higher rate of absenteeism, reduced productivity at work and increased turnover, let alone the social impacts on workplace relationships and team cohesion.”

Vanessa said HABA’s donation would help beyondblue continue its “great work in our communities, raising awareness and investing in research into depression and anxiety”.

Raymond George from NSW won the Mercedes Benz while Rebecca Mitchell from WA won a diamond tennis bracelet.

Vanessa thanked Mercedes-Benz MacArthur and Temptation by Protea for their prize donations, ASK Printing for the tickets and “everyone who entered the draw”.

Beyondblue provides information and support to help everyone in Australia achieve their best possible mental health, whatever their age and wherever they live.

For more information visit www.beyondblue.org.au



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