There are many myths about waxing.

Here are five things your client may have heard about waxing, which aren’t actually true. 

There are many myths about waxing so get talking with your client.
There are many myths about waxing.


Opening up the communication channels with your client can be the difference between them becoming a loyal regular and never to be seen again. There is so much information out there, but some of it just isn’t true. Here are five myths that you should try and dispell. Fast.

Myth #1. Allergies aren’t important

Always find out if your client has any allergies or health condition such as varicose veins, poor circulation or diabetes. Also suss out if they’re taking any medications or topical medications. It’s not prying, if skin has been thinned by a medical condition, you need to know about it.

Myth #2. Applying ice helps the pain 

Applying ice actually shrinks pores and holds hair even tighter, not exactly the desired effect when waxing.

Myth #3. Food and drink have no impact

A diet high in acid (think caffeine, wine, juices, citrus fruits) will make skin more sensitised. To minimise the pain, in the week before an appointment, get your client to cut down on their acid intake. Drinking plenty of water is key for minimising the pain, particularity on the day of the appointment.

Myth #4. Toner cleans skin before a wax 

If you make an eyebrow or lip wax appointment, ask your client to skip the toner that morning. Toner tightens pores, which will make hair folicles grip harder. Fine usually, but not when waxing.

Myth #5. There’s no need to exfoliate post wax

Waxing is a great exfoliator but ask your client to exfoliate before a wax and encourage diligent buffing post wax too, this will help get rid of dead skin cells that encourage pesky ingrown hairs.

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