The Fire Facial: Is This Completely INSANE?!

A new facial treatment trend in China involves lighting your client’s face on fire.

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Just when we thought we had seen and heard it all, comes a new facial treatment trend from China to end all bizarre treatments.

In one of the most shocking and downright dangerous facials we have heard of, the China fire facial involves lighting your client’s face on fire. And yes, you read that right.

So…what the?!

The popular beauty treatment requires the client to have their face draped in an alcohol-soaked towel infused with a cocktail of skincare lotions and then literally lighting it on fire.

It also requires some serious client/therapist trust, because in order to avoid having your skin singed off, you need a quick-acting therapist who will pull the towel off after it has only been on for a couple of seconds. Any longer and you would be smoking hot. Literally.

Ironically the treatment is touted as a relaxation promoter (call us strange but something about burning flames on your face seems a little on the stressful side), and also said to help fight off colds, brighten the complexion and even aid in weight loss.

Have your say: Do you think it is safe for beauty therapists to perform a treatment like this? Would you do it in your salon?


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