As an annual highlight of the Beauty Expo, Face2Face presents a perfect platform to showcase upcoming trends and the creative minds within our industry.

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The Modern Bride – Sunday

The Modern Bride category required all entrants to create a look that best described the 2013 bride. Each contestant interpreted the theme by adding a blend of their own fantasy wedding with their perception of the 21st century girl.

Many contestants travelled from the country to be a part of this and naturally, they were inspired by their hometown. Flower crowns, soft apricot tones, peachy cheeks and shimmering highlights floated across the stage in vintage-inspired gowns. As a contrast to the soft country look, an abundance of bling was used to ‘toughen-up’ the bride.
Riding on the Great Gatsby craze of late, many looks were 1920s-inspired. Pearls and bold accessories complimented the polished looks of the Gatsby brides.

The Modern Bride Awards_005
Judges and winner Biche

The winner of this category was Biche Kolesbikoff who won the judges over with her interpretation of the modern vintage bride. Biche’s inspiration was the 1920s glam but altered the polished look to suit the lifestyle of today’s modern bride. “The modern lifestyle is a lot more casual, the bride is free and unconstrained. I wanted to perfect that in the look so I went for a natural complexion and softly defined eyes,” Biche explained.

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Sun - Runway Inspired_055
Winner Regina Gao and her model

Runway Inspired – Sunday

This category presented contestants with the real life situation of creating looks for a fashion runway show. Contestants were given a brief by Australian label Miss Unkon and the challenge was to create a unique look that expressed the personality of the collection.

Miss Unkon’s collection exhibited electric blue in different textures and geometric shapes. Some looks wow-ed the audience with their dramatic interpretations of the ‘alien eye’. Many looks were inspired by galactic themes, science fiction and Katy Perry’s ‘Aliens’ music video. Smoked eyes, striking blue shadows, coloured contact, lace-stencilled eyes and defined brows presented a futuristic atmosphere to the catwalk.

Rae Morris, as one of the judges, was impressed by the many students who entered this competition, and the talent and skill displayed in their looks.

Makeup artist Regina Gao took out the first prize with her sleek look and bold blue eyes. Regina contrasted electric blue on the inner eye with a stroke of cat-eye on the outer corners.


Film & Fantasy and Film & Fantasy Special Effects – Monday

This category brought fantasy and skill together with some amazing results. Winner of the Film & Fantasy award was Samara Nilsson who created – with stunning theatrical effects – a Japanese Geisha model with white makeup and elaborate hairstyle, to perfection. Samara was inspired following a recent trip to Japan to keep the make-up clean and simple, accentuating lines and shapes to ensure the end look was minimalist and sharp.

Winner of the Special Effects category was Liz Jenkins who showed great skill with prosthetics. Liz said her entry was inspired by a white lab rat and she utilised a range of techniques to deliver a finished work that transformed the face of the model.

She said entering the awards gave her the opportunity to develop a look that was totally her own and not constricted by a client brief. “You can really let your creativity run wild and extend your skills as a make-up artist in a new and different way.”

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Beauty Editorial Inspired – Monday

Introduced last year, this award has become one of the most popular categories at the Beauty Expo.

Entrants were invited to create two beauty shots that would be ‘cover’ material for a new imaginary beauty magazine. The brief was to interpret how beautiful makeup can sell a cover.

In one of the closest judging scores ever, the winner was makeup artist Jess Chapman, who created what international makeup artist and one of the judges, Rae Morris said: “looked like a cover from Marie Claire or French Vogue.”

“I had a great team behind me,” Jess Chapman said. “Makeup artists are starting to get more recognition in Australia which is how it should be. We are experimenting and testing new boundaries. Whether it is the hair stylist, photographer or model, all need to work together to create a professional editorial look.”

Her winning entry was proof of this with delicate wisps of hair floating across the model’s face giving an almost ethereal look.

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