Endota Spa, the largest chain of day spas in Australia, has launched a new range of skincare products aimed at mothers and their babies.

Made from “all-natural ingredients” such as chamomile, lavender, oat and aloe vera, the Endota Organics Nurture range promises to “support the changes occurring in mother and baby’s skin” with six key products (a belly butter, nipple balm, bath and body wash, baby lotion, calming sleep mist and barrier cream).

The range was developed in conjunction with Dr Hayley Dickinson, an Australian research scientist with extensive experience and knowledge in reproductive physiology, pregnancy and perinatal health.

Dr Dickinson said that a real understanding of mother and baby’s skin at critical stages of development was necessary to create the range “so we could support these natural changes without interfering with them”.

“Endota have formulated the products with the understanding that pregnancy and breastfeeding will change a mother’s skin and by taking into special consideration the importance of caring for a newborn’s skin,” she said.

“During pregnancy a baby’s skin is protected by nature’s skincare, the Vernix, and common wisdom is to leave it on as long as possible after birth.

“The range extends the role played by Mother Nature and preserves the delicate pH balance of a baby’s skin with products that are as close to nature as possible.”

Endota CEO and founder Melanie Gleeson said the new range was created because pregnancy and motherhood are “part of the evolution of the Endota woman”.

“She [the Endota woman] is either going through it, has been through it or knows someone who is, and we need to provide her with products that she can trust through that period of her life.

“It’s not just a baby range that we have created, it’s for mother and baby. Because the two together have to be strong together, bond together, spend time together and feel the connection ‒ through touch, sound, feeding.”

Established in 2000, Endota, which currently has 100 spas around Australia, has largely been built on its reputation as “a haven where women can escape life’s everyday stresses”.

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