Endota opens for training

Endota spa founder and CEO Melanie Gleeson

Endota spa, the largest chain of day spas in Australia, has opened a wellness college to “redefine, support and inspire the next generation of therapists”.

According to endota spa founder and CEO Melanie Gleeson, the college’s primary objective is “to shape the future of careers in the beauty and wellness industries”.

“As a brand which has paved the way for wellbeing to be considered a priority, we are extremely excited to announce the launch of our wellness college,” she said.

The college, which will have one campus in Canberra and another in Melbourne, will offer “dynamic, new-aged courses to prepare college-leavers with transferable skills and qualifications to keep pace with fast-moving trends and advancements in the industry”.

It will offer “an evolved collection of creative courses and nationally recognised training in beauty, makeup, massage and business”.

“The opening of the college is a logical step to give students and future caregivers and nurturers, the confidence and practical skills in a field which is becoming increasingly valuable,” she said.

“We wanted to create a college which provides graduating students with options which will benefit their future careers, equip them with skills which have a competitive advantage and offer an element of self-care and consciousness in their expertise.

“We have therefore designed the courses to offer a journey of self-discovery for each student, with a flexible and immersive educational experience enabling them to pursue a career with purpose and meaning.”

Endota spa footbath

In addition, she said college graduates will be given the opportunity to work at endota spas around the country, as the company will aim “to fill as many job vacancies as possible with graduating students”.

The college will also offer two scholarships: The Melanie Gleeson, Exceptional Achievement Scholarship (for a student who has achieved academic, sporting, creative and/or career excellence) and the Melanie Gleeson Wellness Scholarship (for a student who has experienced exceptional circumstances that have significantly impacted their wellbeing).

Melanie said the college’s decision to offer the scholarships was in keeping with endota’s commitment “to live consciously and give back where possible”.

The Wellness was particularly relevant to the brand’s ethos which recognises the importance of maintaining physical, mental, social and spiritual wellbeing.

“Each component of wellbeing is vital to maintaining good health and being able to realise true potential,” she said.

The Wellness Scholarship recipient will receive a full scholarship, covering the full cost of the first course of study. They will also be assigned a mentor, who will provide support and leadership during study.”

Established in 2000, endota has largely been built on its reputation as “a haven where women can escape life’s everyday stresses”.

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