The trend for lifted lashes and extensions continues to dominate the beauty sphere.

It’s already been a massive year for Elleebana.  Their lash lift products are seemingly everywhere and still rising in popularity.  They’ve just hosted #browqueen, Kelley Baker, on an Australian Tour, their training courses are ever expanding for their team of Master Trainers and the world is really standing up (or should we say lifting up) and taking notice of this Gold Coast based brand that is going global in a big way.  They are literally the coconut oil of beauty manufacturers.  Put them on anything and it’ll make it look better!  So…Here’s what’s new, what’s to come and what you need to know about everything Elleebana.

What’s New Elleebana?

Elleebana Lash Extensions 

During their USA Trainers Symposium earlier this year, Elleebana launched their new range of lash extensions to the global market and the amazing results being achieved speak for themselves.  You only have to glance at the cover image of thof the latest issue of Professional Beauty magazine to be convinced.  Yes, there are so many great extensions on the market and preference is up to the individual, but if you haven’t tried or tested the Elleebana extensions yet, give them a go.  Elleebana pride themselves on quality and their new lash range certainly doesn’t disappoint.  Here’s why we love them and what’s on offer:

Noticeably superior quality of finish on the lash.

Hand rolled and heated to produce a curl that won’t drop.

Elleebana’s superior eyelash extensions and adhesives are produced to the highest safety standards and are exclusively made for Elleebana.

Large range that includes faux mink, silk, 2D, 3D and 4D offering you all the variety for Classic, Hybrid, Russian Volume, Mega Volume and everything in between.

Lash range from 0.05–0.20mm in thickness and 6-14mm in length available in customised lash trays in mixed or individual lengths.

For best results and the ultimate “on fleek” lashes, Elleebana also recommends their Elleebana ISO approved, medical-grade adhesive. All their eyelash adhesives have been thoroughly tested for retention, flexibility, viscosity and most importantly customer safety and offer a range of products that include fast-drying, sensitive and clear adhesives.

Elleebana ReGen

The demand for offering Lash Lift services worldwide has grown significantly due to the overwhelming popularity using the Elleebana system. As technology and hair science evolves, the production team at Elleebana HQ have been busy in the laboratory working with the latest materials and ingredients available in the hair and beauty industry to deliver this new advancement in lash science and lash health.

Introducing Re-GEN – The plant-based alternative to Keratin Treatments!

Re-GEN is a Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Plant-Based Lash Protection System, essential for building strength in eyelashes during the lash lift treatment process.

This innovative protection system is a cohesive solution packed with soy amino acids and additional pure amino acids, which are carefully selected to mimic the functional ratios in commercial human hair amino acids

The Re-GEN formula also contains antioxidants, essential fatty acids, flower extracts, bark extracts, root extracts and fruit extracts essential for optimal lash health. Here’s why we love it:

Conditions and Promotes Healthiest Hair Growth

Boosts Moisture Content and Protects

Combats Premature Hair Loss and Promotes Hair Growth with Protection Against Damage

Nourishes and Strengthens the Hair Shaft

Eliminates Dryness and Relieves Hair Stress

Vegan Friendly – Does not contain Keratin which is an animal bi-product

This luxurious product is applied after the setting solution is removed and can be left on the lashes for up to 5mins for optimal lash health and a boost of moisture and hydration.  If optimal lash health is important to you and your clients, then Re-GEN is the solution for you.

Elleebana Extreme Styling Shields

The growth and advancement in lash lift procedures around the world calls for more options and more innovations to customise for clients’ desires and a myriad of eye shapes.

Introducing Elleebana “Extreme” styling shields for lash lift.

Elleebana set the worldwide trend for C- Curvature lash lift styling with the Elleebana silicone rod design and now in a quest to offer clients more options Elleebana offer the new “Extreme” styling shields.  Created with their own design and curvature, the shields allow for a more dramatic lift for clients that have an open eye shape. The new Elleebana Extreme Styling Shields allow for a more dramatic lift for various eye shapes and are available in small, medium and large.  Elleebana orange for stand out lash visuals, the smooth quality silicone finish assists in the separation of lashes.

Elleebana’s range of products are available via over 100 distributors Australia-wide.

Elleebana Training Academy

For more than 20 years, Elleebana has performed countless workshops with some of the world’s most respected training institutions, beauty and hair salons, day spas and wholesalers of the beauty and hair industry.  So, this isn’t new news, but with Australian Training Courses being held every week in a salon near you, it’s never been easier to get qualified or refresh your skills.  If you are considering further training and joining the Elleebana family of graduates, be sure to check out their Training Calendar via the Elleebana website and book yourself in.  In an industry where we are all constantly learning alongside treatment and product evolution you can rest assured that you’re in the hands of the best with Elleebana.

Their fully qualified, hand-picked team of Elleebana Master Trainers are among the best in the business with over 20 years industry experience and Recognised Australian Training Qualifications.  The Elleebana Academy Training Courses and workshops provide world recognised skills to enabled graduates to offer in-salon Elleebana services and treatments of the highest standards.  Elleebana regularly conduct workshops in lash lifting, brow henna and lash extensions with Australia’s leading beauty and hair wholesalers as well as in-salon training nationwide.

Have you met the Masters?

When you’re producing high-quality product that allows for superior quality results you want to ensure salons and technicians are getting the most out of them.  The Elleebana products differ in many ways from other lash lift and henna brow systems, so Elleebana has developed their own training courses to ensure people are learning to use the products correctly for optimal results.  But Director, Otto Mitter can’t be everywhere at once so…enter the Elleebana Australian Master Trainers.  Handpicked and trained by Otto himself, the team of Elleebana ninja technicians travel Australia weekly to share Elleebana treatment processes and their exclusive tips and tricks with the masses.  You only have to follow @elleebana to become aware of the amazing work these super talented Elleebana experts are doing and the way in which they are offering assistance to the Australian beauty community through their #askelleebana Instagram sessions.  Whether you are Elleebana trained or not (you really should check out their Academy Training Courses) they are there to answer queries and troubleshoot treatments for anyone who reaches out. The Master Trainers (pictured below) are always available to assist with technical support, so the next time you are wondering about anything Elleebana, be sure to reach out to this expert team for the answers either via @elleebana instagram or facebook.

Visit the @elleebana events Facebook page or check out the full training calendar for locations near you at

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