DermaQuest’s Festive Digital Strategy

Launching a Halloween ‘Shed the Dead’ campaign on their Facebook page, Clinic Care incorporates cleverly-timed festive themes into marketing.


The DermaQuest Shed the Dead campaign is an exclusive October promotion on Facebook where fans can win a Mini Pumpkin Peel valued at $49 every day of the month. Each day in October, a simple DermaQuest-related question is posted on Facebook (e.g. what is my name? I love your lips, especially in 3D) and out of those answers in comments, one winner is selected.

The Facebook promotion directly targets consumers by gathering interest around the homecare Pumpkin Peel product and clinic Pumpkin Peel. Not only does this promotion offer an enticing prize of a free product, it also raises awareness for the brand – achieving organic word-of-mouth marketing as winners and participants share their experiences with friends and family.

By helping to gain brand awareness for their many stockists, Sean Abel, general manager of Clinic Care, explained the strategy behind this campaign: “the strategy involved for the Shed the Dead campaign incorporates social media and an in-clinic promotion, working together to market a homecare pumpkin peel and a stronger in-clinic treatment.”

“It helps raise awareness of the DermaQuest brand, the clinical treatment of Pumpkin peel, and it also helps to drive business to increase our Facebook numbers and existing clinics,” Sean said.

Extending this campaign to stockists, DermaQuest has slashed the price of Pumpkin Peels for clinics in October. Clinics can purchase these professional products at half price. This encourages all clinics to top-up their Pumpkin Peel supply in anticipation for a predicted rise in demand after the Facebook campaign, especially the winners who wish to extend their DermaQuest Pumpkin Peel experience.

Facebook is beneficial to professional brands on many levels, as well as promotions, it is an effective method of educating customers and setting up a personality for your brand.

“We publish weekly ‘Teach on Tuesdays’, ‘DermaFree Fridays’ and consistent update on DermaQuest’s press clippings. We regularly talk and teach our followers – this allows us to help drive business to our clinics,” Sean said.

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