DermaQuest opens online institute

A skincare brand first: cosmeceutical brand DermaQuest announces its new DermaQuest Online Training Institute. 


Cosmeceutical first: DermaQuest opens its Online Institute
Cosmeceutical first: DermaQuest opens its Online Institute


Cosmeceutical skincare brand DermaQuest is known for its innovation in cosmeceutical and stem cell technology, and now the US professional-only brand has unveiled a new innovation; the DermaQuest Online Training Institute.

This online institute offers a complete e-learning platform to DermaQuest clients. Available free to the brand’s stockists in Australia and New Zealand, this new e-resource effectively puts an end to the time and money costs businesses face when committing staff to day-long training programs.

Developed to address the issues associated with bricks and mortar-based training, the DermaQuest Online Training Institute ensures all its clients have access to the brand’s product, ingredient and protocol information, regardless of where they are in the country.

The DermaQuest Online Training Institute is fully integrated into Australian and New Zealand legislation and methodology, and features both live and recorded sessions, including TED Talk style live sessions presented by DermaQuest’s International Educator, Veronica Harris.


Victoria Harris at work
DermaQuest international educator, Veronica Harris demonstrates in an online class.


Mobile-friendly information is broken into 25-minute modules, which include lessons such as “the secret to balancing the skin and resolving micro cracks in the skin” and “DermaQuest’s six serum strategy to give clients the best skin possible”. This snappy, succinct web-based style of training is designed to help keep the information locked between the ears more readily than auditorium-style learning where we are more likely to suffer from mind-drift.

The other benefit of an online institute is that it’s always open for learning. Salons and clinics are able to log on whenever they need to; meaning a refresher course is always on-hand if information does drop from the brain’s mainframe, and new staff can be trained up from the get-go rather than having wait for a training day to be scheduled in.


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