Hayley Revell - celebrating her win in Ultraceuticals RVR90 campaign

Ultraceuticals is launching its “life-changing” RVR90 campaign for 2018 with promotional material featuring three of last year’s winning clinics and clients.

Now in its fifth year, the Ultraceuticals ‘RVR90 – Real Visible Results in 90 days’ campaign, is designed “to restore people’s faith in an industry with often over-hyped claims by experiencing a high-performing, scientifically-proven range to transform their skin”.

Ultraceuticals founder Dr Geoffrey Heber says the campaign will “help customers understand the treatment journey and commitment it takes to achieve desired results”.

“A person’s skin journey is made up of a combination of homecare and in-clinic treatments,” he explains.

“Seventy percent of outstanding skincare results are created through a homecare regime, while the remaining percentage is accomplished through in-clinic treatments.”

To take part in the campaign, which will run from April to June, Ultraceuticals clinic’ skin technicians must identify a client’s core skin concern and then prescribe a treatment and homecare plan featuring a RVR90 Starter Pack.

The clinics, which are provided with booklets to document their client’s skin journey over the 90 days with before-and-after photos, are then able to submit their best results to Ultraceuticals for a chance to win prizes for themselves and their clients.

The company is confident that this year’s transformations will be as impressive as those of last year’s winners such as 16-year-old Hayley Revell, who was treated by the B Naturally You clinic in WA’s Esperance.

Hayley Revell – before and after treatment in Ultraceuticals RVR90 campaign last year

“I started getting acne at around 14 years,” says Hayley.

“It came out of the blue and just got worse. I turned to wearing heavy makeup at school to try and hide my pimples.

“I would use as much foundation and concealer as possible and became addicted to layering my make-up throughout the day.

“It was hard to look people in the eyes as you could feel them looking at your skin as you were talking thinking you were dirty and to just wash your face.”

After trying countless products without success, Hayley visited the B Naturally You clinic “as a last resort”.

Ninety days later Amy was more than happy with her “new skin”.

“Before I started RVR90 you would not find one picture of me anywhere but now I love taking selfies!”

Furthermore the RVR90 journey has inspired Hayley to become a skin therapist.

“I’d always loved all things beauty, especially make-up with my past skin, but after experiencing my own journey I’ve realised how that being a skin therapist can really help people be their best self.”

Amy Thornton, the B Naturally You skin therapist who treated Hayley, says she saw an “amazing transformation” in Hayley during her 90-day journey.

“When Hayley first came in she was quiet and nervous and didn’t talk too much but after just a month of treatments her skin had cleared and Hayley was much happier.”

Amy says Hayley’s transformation has made her “even more driven to push retail and help others change their lives”.

“It’s a real boost to my own confidence when I can change someone’s skin and especially when I see the photos from each treatment and the improvement month by month.”

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