Makeup artist to the stars, Samer Khouzami talks to Professional Beauty about contouring and its ability to transform a face.


Samer Khouzami is the king of contouring
Samer Khouzami is the king of contouring.

Makeup artist to the stars, Samer Khouzami, is known for his ability to transform faces through contouring. He was recently in Australia for his SK Dream Tour – an expert master class, which Khouzami has toured through Europe, the Middle East and the US.

With over 1.5million Instagram followers, the Lebanon native is a social media sensation and on speed-dial of many celebrities, magazine editors and socialites. So sought-after are his techniques, the makeup dynamo has recently opened the SK Institute in Beirut, Lebanon, where students can learn his latest trend-setting makeup methods.


One of Samer Khouzami's signature looks is the smoky eye.
One of Samer Khouzami’s signature looks is the smoky eye.


During his Australian stop of the tour (organised by Clockwork Events), which focused on natural glow makeup, bridal makeup and built-up makeup, Professional Beauty sat down with Khouzami and asked him our burning questions.

At your SK Dream Tour in Sydney, what were attendees particularly interested in?

“The main aim of the tour is for the students to know more about my contouring and highlighting techniques, and my vision for creating [and sculpting] flawless skin,” says Khouzami. “Definitely their interest also was to see my signature makeup – the smoky eye.”

What does your method of face sculpting involve?

“[My vision is] sculpting the face into a new dimension that shows the perfections of any face while hiding the imperfections,” says Khouzami.

Samer Khouzami has 1.5million Instagram followers who love his makeup techniques.
Samer Khouzami has 1.5million Instagram followers who love his makeup techniques.


What do you think of Australian makeup artists? 

“Australian makeup artists are definitely known for their added value for the industry,” says Khouzami. “They are also known for being creative, passionate and seeking to upgrade their skills, which made my experience in Australia special.”

You have your own brush collection, how important are good tools to a makeup artist? 

The brushes are the biggest investment that any makeup artist can do in his kit because the tools that you use to paint the face help you perfect your work and make it much easier and more precise,” says Khouzami. “This makes the whole procedure of creating a look much more convenient for the client and for the makeup artist.”

What is your top tip for professional makeup artists to boost their profile and career?

“Every makeup artist should always know that being a successful makeup artist is not only about doing good makeup, it is a whole package of branding your name and marketing yourself,” says Khouzami. “[Makeup artists should also] build loyal, trustworthy relationships with clients.”

Samer Khouzami
Samer Khouzami




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