Chris Jackson, vice president of sales and marketing from Genesis Biosystems recently paid a visit to Australia, launching the latest treatment DermaFrac.

Dermafrac visit
Chris explaining the technology to therapists

Genesis Biosystems Inc., located in Dallas Texas is a certified ISO 13485 manufacturer that produces aesthetic and biomedical products. The company is extremely pleased to be working with Advanced Skin Technology in bringing a new skin treatment to Australia.

A recent visit by the company’s vice president of sales and marketing, Chris Jackson, brought together many Australian skincare professionals with this new treatment, DermaFrac.

“The harsh Australian climate creates some interesting skin conditions which this new treatment should help to correct,” said Chris.

Chris’s weeklong visit took him from Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne where he met many skincare professionals in a workshop setting as well as in their clinics and spas.

The purpose of the trip was to learn about skin conditions that are prominent in Australia, which are in direct correlation to the climate. According to Chris, the new DermaFrac treatment is able to deliver high-quality products deeper into the skin without pain or downtime. The DermaFrac treatment delivers peptides, hydrators and lighteners directly into the skin.

Australians like to experience treatments that have a real clinical effect, and if that can be done without pain – it’s a huge bonus.

The feedback from those who attended the workshops or had the treatment performed are extremely excited as to how the DermaFrac treatment can offer a new and exciting alternative for their clients.

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