On his recent trip to Australia from the US, Professional Beauty pinned down internationally renowned medical physician Dr Ben Johnson – founder and formulator of Osmosis Skincare and Cosmedix – to talk about his often polarising views on skin. This is one skincare expert who isn’t afraid to push the boundaries of what we believe about skin science. Consider this a must read!


Can harmonised water really solve skin issues?
Can harmonised water really solve skin issues?


Before we get to the water, can you tell us your background?

I started off in sports medicine training but I ended up going into aesthetics as a general practitioner doing aesthetics medicine. I had eight clinics in four states in the US doing lasers and injectables. I started formulating cosmetics and really found that that was my passion. I founded Cosmedix in 1999.

Why did you decided to create Osmosis…?

Osmosis is really a culmination of all my research and what actually works on skincare. It’s also chirally correct but that is not where the magic is, the magic is feeding the skin. Almost all the skincare products made do not make it into the dermis because the skin is so good at keeping things out. So [skincare companies] have come up with really great ways to temporarily plump the skin on the surface. But when you stop the product, the results go away. So we mastered a way of increasing skin nutrient delivery, using lysosomes. We basal dilate the skin and increase circulation.

What sort of results can we expect?

With the combination of the right ingredients and feeding the skin, we are actually creating permanent change. We are the only line in the world that is promising that every month the skin will get younger – and results will stay when you stop using the line. We have been promising that [for years], skin will get younger. Every night.


Dr Ben Johnson has some controversial ideas on skincare - will they revolutionse the future of skincare?
Dr Ben Johnson has some controversial ideas on skincare – will they revolutionise the future of skincare?


Osmosis is a professional line…

Yes, you can only buy it through beauty therapists and online but through a professional. We are not in the retail space.

You are known for your revolutionary new ideas and holistic approach to skincare… What makes Osmosis so different?  

Osmosis is lending the trend in holistic approach to the skin. We are not just treating the skin condition, we are treating its cause. That is why we go inside the body, because we want to bring your hormones back to balance while addressing your skin. I have at least 25 unique beliefs on what causes things like eczema and acne, which are completely contrary to what the industry believes.

What is an example of your skin beliefs?

I do not believe that acne is a bacterial infection. Acne is a detox reaction. Chlorine, pesticides, food preservatives all mess with your hormones. There is something called oestrogenic toxin, which can cause women to have problems with fertility, and problems with their menstrual cycles being all over the place. All of those things can be tracked back to the skin so we try to address both issues.

Can you tell us about Osmosis Harmonized Waters?

We are putting radio frequencies into water that change your body. What quantum physics tells us is that our bodies are vibrating all the time – everything physical in nature has a vibration to it and I am trying to recalibrate the vibrations within the body. Osmosis Harmonized Water Hormone Health takes hot flashes away, it helps women to ovulate usually within two months, it helps women get pregnant – ALL THE TIME. The vibrations mimic oestrogen, they mimic testosterone. I know it sounds crazy but if you go to our website and read our testimonials, you will read amazing testimonials, especially when it comes to issues such as fertility, menopausal symptoms and women’s hair loss.


Osmosis Harmonized Waters solve skin issues such as acne and eczema.
Osmosis Harmonized Waters solve skin issues such as acne and eczema.


There is also a harmonized water that deals with digestion

Digestive Health will instantly make you feel better. You take five little pumps – the equivalent of 1 ml. You just pump it straight into your mouth. We also have Hangover Water – it has frequencies that detox alcohol, and I’m telling you, if you take it the night before and the morning after drinking, you will notice a tremendous difference.

And you also have a drinkable sunscreen*…

I get a bad wrap for my drinkable sunscreen… Just five pumps in the mouth and an hour later, there are frequencies that will vibrate in the water in your skin to cancel out UVA, UVB and UVC in your skin. I did a clinical trial on it and the dermatology committee absolutely said that I was crazy – it’s impossible. But I said, “Really? Would I really tell someone to drink fake water and go and sit out in the sun and burn yourself” – it would be crazy to sell a fake water for sunscreen, right?! So we did a clinical trial and we are doing another one now.

What were the clinical trial results for acne?

We did a clinical trial on acne; 56 patients, double blind tested placebo controlled. They demonstrated a 60 per cent reduction in their acne within just water in 4 weeks. I’m an MD, I get I, it doesn’t sound like it is possible but I have been doing it for eight years and the results have been amazing.





*Osmosis Harmonized Water UV Neutralizer – No Tan Frequency is not available in Australia.