Renowned around the world for its creative marketing, Benefit Cosmetics is rolling out its popular Glam up & Away automatic retail kiosks into Canada.

Designed to look like vintage pink beauty buses complete with cheeky slogans and Benefit’s famous mannequins, the kiosks were introduced into the US market in 2013.

An instant hit with travellers in real life and on social media, the kiosks are now set up in 52 airports and cities around the US – and one has just been launched into Calgary International Airport.

According to Benefit, the kiosks “elevate the airport experience” by providing travellers with instant access to the brand’s bestselling products and allowing them to browse tips and tricks on the graphic user interface.

“It’s wow on wheels,” said Benefit Cosmetics global marketing spokeswoman Julie Bell, adding that the kiosks were a “sexy, fun and innovative way to introduce Benefit’s witty and playful personality to the hundreds of millions of travellers that fly every year”.

“The kiosks are an exciting business opportunity to both satisfy existing customers, and attract new ones in a fun and unique way.”

Benefit’s CEO Jean-Andre Rougeot added that “high-traffic airports are the next beauty battleground for prestige cosmetic brands”.

“Benefit has been successful as the pioneer in selective makeup self-serve vending machines in US airports and is excited to expand this concept into Canada,” he said.

He said the company had planned to move the kiosks internationally from the onset and crossing the border into Canada “was the best place to start”.

Not surprisingly Deny DiFelice, general manager at Benefit Cosmetics Canada, welcomed the kiosk’s arrival into the Canadian market.

“We [Benefit Cosmetics] always say that laughter is the best cosmetic, and this kiosk brings that aspect of our brand to life in an oversized, tangible way – making travellers stop, smile, and easily glam up before a flight.”