Bellezza Australia, the new beauty and hair product distributorship set up by Bodyography founder Rob Tamburro, has taken on the distributorship of Gorgeous Cosmetics.

The Australian brand is the second makeup brand that Bellezza has taken on since its formation last year – the company took on America’s Palladio in October.

Tamburro said he has taken on Gorgeous Cosmetics, which was founded by Australian makeup artist David McConnell in 1999, as it is perfect fit for his new company.

“Over the years I have watched Gorgeous grow and really loved their concept of their education background through the Academy of Makeup and also their own concept stores,” he explained.

“Our businesses were almost aligned and I just loved the energy about the brand, so I thought it would be the perfect fit for the portfolio of Bellezza brands.”

“Up until now, the company Gorgeous Cosmetics has maintained control and managed distribution of the brand, as it’s been very important to them to do this. However, they have been waiting for the perfect partnership, like Bellezza, to present itself and we’re thrilled that we’ve been able to develop this exciting relationship with them now.”

Currently stocked in 500 hair and beauty salons around the country, the Gorgeous Cosmetics is also sold online stores as well as in its Australian Academy of Makeup campuses in Melbourne Sydney and Brisbane.

The brand, which launched into the US in 2012, skyrocketed in popularity in 2016 when Kym and Kylie Kardashian swatched its ‘Ever Metallic’ eyeshadow palette and declared it ‘life-changing’ on Keeping up with the Kardashians.

Tamburro said Bellezza will continue to “build on the great work that Gorgeous has already done in Australia”.

“We aim to build the network of hair salons, beauty salons, retailers, online stores and gain a strong presence in social media as well as events such as Fashion Week and trade shows.

“The aim will be to turn Gorgeous into the leading professional brand in Australia.”

He said the brand’s commitment to education and its affordable pricepoint would help ensure its continuing success.

“The brand also has incredible longevity in the professional salon industry where it has been sold since its launch 17 years ago.

“Everyone knows of Gorgeous, or knows someone who’s used it.”

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