Cruelty Free International is urging the Australian Government to end animal testing after the release of a new scientific report.

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Global organisation Cruelty Free International is calling for the government to sign up to a roadmap that implements a ban on animal testing for cosmetic products.

This comes as a result of a recent ground-breaking scientific report on the alternatives to animal testing which was delivered to more than 100 governments around the globe – including the Australian Minister for Health, The Hon Peter Dutton MP.

The report builds on the progress made in the European Union, India, Israel and recently, China’s acceptance of non-animal testing beginning June this year.

The report titled ‘Meeting the Global Challenge: A guide to assessing the safety of cosmetics without using animals’ and the related roadmap are designed to help governments, politicians, regulators and cosmetic manufacturers across the world in switching to alternatives to replace animal testing. It describes the alternative approaches that are available to replace the use of animals and shows how they are more reliable, faster and cheaper.

Today (March 11) marks the one year anniversary of European Union’s ban on animal testing – “on this significant day for our global campaign to end the use of animals in cosmetic testing, we are appealing to the Government of Australia to sign up to our roadmap and take steps to bring about a complete end to cruel cosmetics tests on animals,” said Michelle Thew, Cruelty Free International CEO.

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