If you send out daily email send-outs to your company database, you could be doing more harm than good, says new study.


The beauty business is sending out more direct emails than ever before. But is it paying off?
The beauty business is sending out more direct emails than ever before. But is it paying off?

If your email icon on your phone says there are 1472 unread emails in your inbox, then you may have some idea what this new study by Experian Marketing Services is talking about. It says that less could be more when it comes to email marketing, particularly when (whoops) it’s the beauty industry which is the biggest contributor to the backlog.

According to the Experian study, consumer engagement with emails sent by beauty brands in 2015 has been on the downward spiral in terms of return on investment compared to 2014.

Of 20,000 emails analysed in the second quarter of 2015 across six key industry sectors (including B2B, cosmetics, fashion retail, financial services, media and entertainment, and travel) it was those sent from within the beauty sector that were having increasingly less impact on consumers.

It seems that readers are getting so bombarded with beauty emails (there has been a 29 per cent increase in volume of cosmetics-related emails sent since 2014), they have direct market fatigue.

The learning? Beauty brands need to cut down on the number of emails they send. Some countries now have legal ramifications for the misuse of emails, such as Canada’s anti-spam legislation, and aside from anything else, a truckload of emails just doesn’t equate to more sales.

Cosmetics brands also need to do a bit of tailoring. Thanks to Big Data, consumers expect their beauty marketing to match their individual needs, says the study. The study found that too many irrelevant beauty emails will likely only equate to an increased number of unsubscribes.

Heed the warning: too much or anything just isn’t good.



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